What Makes It Fresh?

How many boring trainings have you been to? Terrible meetings you've sat through? Group exercises you wanted to shrink away from? We've all been in the room with a well-meaning boss, expert or professional that desperately wanted us to pick up whatever they were putting down... but we are expected to look past the mood-killing "housekeeping" at the beginning, the lack of opportunities to speak or connect with our peers, or the absolutely dreaded digital slideshow and droning lecture combo. These facets of workshops and trainings are only continued out of well-meaning habit.

I like the word fresh because I want each and every time you pull out your agenda or set up your workshop room to be a moment inspired and infused with new ideas and energy. It's a chance for you to find a willingness to challenge yourself in order to safely and effectively push boundaries with your audience. It's an opportunity to prepare for the fierce vulnerability that is required for folks to be impacted and experience real growth.

I have taken this fresh approach in working with adults who had never used computers before. I brought this fresh energy to conversations about credit scores and banking habits. I take pride in bringing a fresh new perspective to conservation conversations. And guess what? YOU CAN TOO.