What Is Your Presentation Style?

Besides your version of professional, what do you consider your presentation style to be?

Let me briefly break it down into a few different categories: materials, physical space, and interaction.


Some people love to use materials like handouts, workbooks, digital slides, or posters during trainings. When you’re planning to use these tools, you can make some quick style choices that reflect who you are and what you’re about. Are you one to use black & white only, or lots of colors? All digital notes & environmentally friendly, or are you crafting a handmade notebook for each participant? Whatever avenue you choose, make sure you’re double checking your spelling, leaving enough blank space (or white space), and that everything is high resolution. These simple steps can quickly show your participants that you took care in your preparation.

Physical space

The way a room is set up says a lot! Bare, decorated, bright light or moodily lit? Are folks sitting in small groups on the floor, or around a big foreboding conference table in plastic-backed chairs? You can rearrange a room to meet your style needs (and the needs of your participants), so get creative!


I personally love setting up trainings for a lot of interaction. I think we learn best from each other. How can you do this in a way that is comfortable for your participants, while not giving up too much power (and letting things go off the rails?). You can utilize games, conversation starters, “round robin” discussion groups, art projects…. This a great chance to get creative!

Ultimately, when you think about presentation style, remember that you need to cater to the end goal and purpose of your workshop. You can try working backwards: “When my participants leave, I want them to know ______ and feel ______.” How can you use presentation style to set them up for success?