What Is Your Hosting Style?

STYLE! No, not your outfit choice or taste in decorations...

What is your hosting style? What does it even mean to be a host? Other terms you might use include leader, facilitator, trainer, expert... but ultimately you are hosting an event for your participants.

One of my favorite sections in Priya Parker’s The Art Of Gathering is chapter three: Don’t Be A Chill Host

As a host or facilitator, part of your job is to wield your power as host for the benefit of all! In this place of power, you need to protect and care for your guests. This means providing structure and leadership for them, in whatever form is best for your gathering’s purpose. This can mean enforcing rules or previously agreed upon group norms. It’s tempting to open up a discussion or activity and let itself play out- but hosts aren’t supposed to abandon their guests!

So, what is YOUR hosting style? How do you exert your power in a way that is comfortable enough for you, but meaningful enough to your trainees that they feel taken care of?

For my style, I like to use strong body language and move around the room a lot, particularly when focusing in on one participant’s idea or response. I want my participants to be moving and questioning and active.

How will you host differently next time?