Spirit Skills


Don’t Hide Behind A Persona

Friendly reminder: you are enough!

In this post, I’ll be covering spirit skills, because facilitation takes self-awareness and self-compassion to the next level. Basically, get ready for spirit week!

Public speaking and sharing what’s important to you can be intimidating, but that’s no excuse to hide behind a persona that isn’t YOU. While there is always room to grow in many aspects of life, beginning with a strong foundation of authenticity will allow your decisions to be guided by integrity and your voice will ring true.

Also, when folks sign up to learn from you, they want YOU. Not some random perfectly presented person from their social media feed. Your vulnerability and honesty allows others to trust you, which is important because you need their trust to take them on a journey of learning.


Your Strength Is Contagious

You are a leader! When you stand in front of a group as a facilitator, they are looking to you for guidance, leadership, and support.

Confidence. What a loaded word! We hear it all the time, we read articles on how to improve it, hear stories of how folks have found it... confidence can be an enigma.

In the case of facilitation and public speaking, your confidence and strength (...vulnerability anyone?) is contagious. Being in the trainer spotlight, it’s important to lead by example. The strength you model lays the groundwork for your participants to feel more confident in challenging themselves!

How do you build confidence?! I can’t pretend I have a magic bullet- but in my time working with new facilitators, there were two things that worked for everyone: PRACTICE & FEEDBACK.

It can be scary to put yourself out there, especially as a beginner... but if you make the time and space to practice, have someone provide feedback, and keep that loop going, it can really make the difference between reciting a speech and feeling confident enough to go off script and really interact with your audience.


Your Vibe Creates The Tone

What puts the pep in a pep rally? Energy! It's time to show your spirit skills off to your participants.

The way you present yourself to your participants can have a major impact on the energy and tone of your workshop. It can be challenging to bring energy to the training room, especially as the room gets larger, but there's always at least one thing that can utilize to fill that room with more energy: YOUR VOICE!

Create the right vibe by changing your volume, using varied inflections, and carrying a specific tone with your word choices. This takes practice, but once you get comfortable and consistent with using these tools you can walk into a training after having a bad morning and still bring the energy to the room that you need to be successful.