Skip The Script

Being prepared involves ditching your script.

For some, creating a script or very involved lesson plan can be a major part of the preparation process. It provides a safe space to play with phrases, ideas, and word choices. One can prepare for and practice words or names that are difficult to pronounce. You can have it listed out, in black and white, what the ultimate goal or purpose of the session is and make sure you stick to it through the rest of the content. That documentation can also be helpful if you’re planning on doing a similar workshop or event in the future.

Where some tend to falter is leaning too heavily on that lesson plan during the training itself... Reading full phrases from the script, pulling yourself and your participants away from the immediate moment you’re sharing. Or worse- reading off of a digital slide (we’ve all seen it, haven’t we?!) when that information could have been off the cuff or sent in an email.

Being comfortable off-script allows for flexibility, and improves the facilitator’s ability to meet the needs of the students in the moment. If you are chained to a lesson plan, and uncomfortable venturing off script, you could be robbing your participants of an amazing and unique experience that may be more meaningful than “Goal Number 3”.

Worried to put down the lengthy notes? Practice, practice, practice! Find a friend to walk through everything with you a few times and see where you may need to invest more time.