As a girl that came from a rural part of North Carolina, it was extremely intimidating to start biking in NYC.  

I lived near the Blue Ridge Parkway, where frequently during the summer months big groups of cyclists would ride together on the Parkway or nearby roads. It was terrifying as a young driver, and I couldn't imagine how anyone would find such an activity enjoyable or fun.

Some notable rides I've done:

I've been commuting via bike in NYC for over a year now, and I am so grateful to have found this method of transportation. I feel empowered physically - I think exercise for the sake of exercise is boring. Why not actually GO somewhere?! 

I don't want drivers to feel the way I did about cyclists back in North Carolina... I want everyone to understand the rules of the road, and how to share it. I want drivers to respect my space on the road and not get angry because they don't understand how the laws work. I want to be safe, so that I can promise my family that I'll come home at the end of the day. Please consider thinking about bicyclists the next time you drive a car or walk across a street without looking both ways.