My informal beginnings with performance art are similar to many - I was obsessed with creating and performing shows for my family, and I did a really great voiceover job for an alternative Lion King story using my dolls. I have choreographed many a dance to the hits of the Spice Girls, The Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears. I've been "formally" involved with art since I was seven years old, playing a younger version of Sleeping Beauty in a fun time-traveling elementary school performance facilitated by Missoula Children's Theatre in the suburbs of Seattle. Throughout middle and high school, I took part in school musicals and community theater shows, played several instruments in concert and marching band, and took voice lessons. One of my proudest achievements of high school was being accepted to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts for their senior year Drama program, and living in Winston-Salem for a year taking part in a conservatory-style drama program. 

I started college at a private liberal arts school with a Theater Major and after freshman year, made the transition to UNC Asheville, settling in to their BS of Management program. I was lucky enough to have enough elective credits to take costume design and construction, as well as concert chorale and jazz choir. 

When I moved to New York City, I was the Communications Lead for a fun event called FIGMENT Alpha for three years and managed a band from 2015-2016. I dabble in photography since I was given a 1984 Nikon FG for Christmas of 2014, and recently moved into the digital world with a Nikon D5600 DSLR (check out some of my photos here). In 2016, I presented at Artist As Citizen, a conference hosted by Artists Striving to End Poverty at Juilliard. I facilitated an interactive workshop about personal wealth for young artists - exploring the idea that setting goals and creating action plans (including spending plans a.k.a. budgets) can help artists better sustain their art.